Use Illumination Carefully to Enhance Landscapes Outdoor Lighting

outdoor lighting landscaping
Today, the availability of solar-powered LED lighting provides new opportunities for talented landscape design and installation professionals like Johns Creek Landscape Design to enhance outdoor settings after dark cost-effectively. Businesses and institutions in Georgia frequently discover advantages in illuminating portions of their grounds at night. This brief article discusses three situations in which the addition of outdoor lighting offers exceptional value:

One: Improve The Visibility of Sidewalks And Steps

Probably one of the most popular reasons to install landscaping illumination involves enhancing the visibility of sidewalks and steps at night. Taking this precaution may significantly reduce slips and falls in certain locations. It also discourages people from walking across lawns or flower beds due to a failure to see paved walkways.

Even if a commercial location closes at the end of the day, the addition of extra exterior lights assists people visiting the premises after hours. Delivery personnel, security guards, utility workers, and other occasional visitors appreciate illuminated sidewalks and steps. For Whitwell Landscaping, lights help prevent accidents caused by poor visibility.

Two: Allow Light to Showcase Fountains And Pools

The beauty of illuminated fountains, pools, and other bodies of water also sometimes prompts property owners to install outdoor lighting. Light shining against a watery surface at night creates a lovely effect. While landowners need to exercise caution to ensure they don’t overdo this type of display (and unintentionally cause “light pollution“), the judicious use of solar-powered lights contributes to eye-catching nighttime landscapes.

Illuminating water on the property also holds practical advantages. This effort decreases the potential for accidents resulting from people stumbling against fountains or falling into pools or lakes. Careful light installation helps alert people to the presence of these bodies of water after dark.

Three: Highlight Other Important Landscaping Features

Property owners often employ outdoor lighting in Atlanta to showcase specific landscaping features, such as gazebos, plazas, signage, and garden statuary. Today, enterprises that use natural stone or wood signage particularly appreciate outdoor illumination. Lights help to draw attention to this signage after dark. They also assist businesses and institutions in managing foot traffic patterns through the area at night.

Not every property owner chooses to install exterior lighting, of course. Yet when applied with skill, outdoor lights improve visibility and bolster safety. This investment frequently enhances commercial and institutional landscapes in the Greater Atlanta Area!