Three Reasons to Consider Landscaping for New Construction

Alpharetta Landscaping Services - landscaping for new constructionIn Georgia, many developers routinely request landscaping for new construction. What advantages flow from this process? Three practical considerations underlie the decision to seek experienced landscape design and installation services in conjunction with the completion of a new home or office building.

Reduce Marketing Time Frames

Builders who endeavor to market residential or commercial properties in Atlanta and outlying areas appreciate the vital importance of “curb appeal“. Few features contribute as much immediate value to real estate as lovely landscaping. Selling a building situated on a barren tract generally requires a longer period of marketing. The simple process of installing sod often helps reduce costly realty holding expenses dramatically.

What accounts for this phenomenon? Possibly, the presence of grass and other landscaping assists prospective buyers in visualizing themselves enjoying the property. Most people picture their daily lives occurring amidst attractive surroundings. Real estate buyers readily envision uses for beautifully landscaped settings.

Reduce Erosion

Of course, adding sod and some transplanted plants also offers the advantage of providing better resistance against erosion. While fortunately infrequent, heavy persistent rain does sometimes occur in this region during certain seasons of the year. Imagine the difference between a waterlogged, muddy new construction site and one cloaked with a recently installed surface of sod. Many grasses grow relatively quickly. Their root systems help hold loose earth in place, effectively furnishing a barrier to the destructive forces of beating rain and gusting wind.

By ensuring landscaping installation occurs as soon as possible at a new construction site, a property owner often helps minimize erosion concerns. (This step also reduces instances of mud tracked indoors, a messy problem for new home sellers.) It typically makes sense to work closely with an expert landscaper during the planning stages of a project to implement important waterproofing and erosion-control measures.

Showcase The Terrain More Effectively

Finally, adding landscaping quickly holds the benefit of highlighting particularly attractive natural or man-made features at the site. Today, landscapers possess impressive capabilities to help shape and transform new developments. They may offer assistance creating waterfalls, installing retaining walls, and beautifying entrances.

By relying upon a capable hardscaping firm, for example, designers of some new developments successfully emphasize the most appealing aspects of their communities. It may prove useful to complete this step quickly. Landscaping helps showcase lovely venues effectively for the public!

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