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Whitwell Landscaping specializes in high-end hardscape and landscape design, hardscape installation, drainage and water management, and tree removal services in Metro Atlanta, boasting nearly twenty-five years of expertise. Our portfolio showcases our professional projects where we’ve consistently delivered top-quality results for each client. Whether you want to transform your outdoor space with exquisite landscape and hardscape ideas or require expert tree removal services, Whitwell Landscaping is your trusted partner for exceptional hardscaping and landscaping solutions.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Jay, Landscape, Hardscape

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent landscaping service. Our yard always looks perfect when you are done. You are very thorough and always go the extra mile.

Jay Leathers

Joe and his team are simply the best. I’ve dealt with many tree service professionals and have never had this level of service!

Jim Clanin

Joe redesigned the yard, took out one tree, installed appropriate sod/bedding/plants, put in an awesome drainage system with river rock, and fixed everything.

D. Tin

Joe helped us put together an excellent plan to resolve everything and completely re-did our backyard. Thanks Joe!

T Willman

Work is now complete and I am very pleased with the result and with his attention to my concerns and to job details. Thanks!

S. Kosmala

Joe worked until we were completely satisfied. He replaced the first set of boxwoods with a fuller set to make sure we were satisfied.

Danny Ludeman

The team at Whitwell Landscaping has always been first rate. I’ve used them now for multiple jobs from a complete backyard
redesign, fire pit, and porch, to my latest project where we clear cut the underbrush, stumps, weeds, etc. from an acre of land.
They’re professional, fast, and they only consider the job done until you’re fully satisfied. I don’t hesitate to recommend Joe, Robin,
and team for any job.

Carla Carlson

My husband and I had a great experience with Whitwell Landscaping from start to finish. Robin returned calls/texts quickly and
always had a pleasant demeanor. She made everything easy by answering all my questions and coordinating communication
between everyone involved. The landscape designer who works with the company, Bill, was probably the nicest man I have ever met.

Kim Fram
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