Four Reasons to Call Pruning Services


man working for pruning services

Many residents of Georgia appreciate careful landscape design and installation. Maintaining a lovely lawn and garden by obtaining knowledgeable pruning services helps this investment remain attractive for years! Lovely, healthy trees enhance homes and businesses across this region.

The careful trimming away of dead and damaged branches during a tree’s dormant period requires care. Yet it contributes to more appealing landscapes. This brief article describes four benefits of regularly pruning trees and bushes on your grounds:

Support Plant Health

By carefully removing dead branches, gardeners supply vital assistance to plant health by preventing a growing tree from expending energy healing this damage. Pruning should occur during periods of dormancy (i.e. rest). By carefully cutting back the foliage during winter, a plant care technician seeks to avoid placing undue environmental stress on a growing plant. Nutrients will ultimately contribute to root system growth during this period. This assistance proves especially important in the case of young trees, since developing strong roots ultimately benefits the tree’s long-term survival.

Enhance The Tree’s Appearance

Meticulous pruning also helps produce more attractive trees and hedges. By helping to shape the foliage in the desired way, a pruner basically assists the future growth pattern of the plant. Frequently, pruning with care at the right time of year encourages the development of vigorous, verdant leaves and flowers. Most experienced gardeners don’t discount the importance of regular pruning and trimming in helping to maintain lovely bushes and trees!

Direct Plant Growth in Desired Ways

Pruning also offers a regular opportunity for evaluating the anticipated future growth of a tree or a bush. For example, if a landowner does not want a bush to gradually expand over a wide area, pruning back the plant helps prevent this development. Similarly, if a young tree has developed a branch capable at maturity of overhanging a rooftop, or a power line, pruning allows property owners to eliminate this hazard immediately without killing the tree.

Maintain Balanced Tree Conformations

Finally, by supporting a strong trunk and root system, pruning services help ensure trees develop in a more balanced, symmetrical manner. This capability aids the plant in resisting high winds. It cannot prevent lightning from striking and killing the tree, of course. Yet a well-balanced conformation sometimes reduces the chance of a tree toppling over during a storm.