How to Prepare Your Greenery for Winter

How to Prepare Your Greenery for WinterIn the feverish rush to prepare for the incoming winter and holiday season, you might forget that your lawn also needs some love and care before that first snowfall. When spring returns next year, you will want to make sure that a nice, healthy lawn comes with it. You’ve worked hard to cultivate a beautiful green lawn in the warm season, and a little bit of work now will ensure that your lawn survives the cold winter to sprout green once again.

Clean Up and Removal (Sandy Springs Landscape Services)

The best thing you can do for your lawn to prepare it for winter is to make sure that you clean up and remove anything that has already met its end. First, you should remove any plants or shrubs that have already died, if only so you don’t have to look at dead plants all winter. But cleaning up now will also mean less cleaning up later. Second, dead plants can attract insects, fungus, and disease. Be sure to cut back any perennials, annuals, ornamental grasses, and any dying branches or stalks.

Mulch and Fertilize Your Lawn 

You might not have considered mulching your lawn for winter. After all, that’s something that is usually done in the spring. But mulching in the winter can protect your soil from erosion, prevent weeds, and reduce water loss. Mulch can also prevent the roots of your plants from being damaged by frost and the dry, winter air. We recommend spreading around 2 to 3 inches of mulch around the base of all of your trees and shrubs.

Fertilizing your lawn before winter is also a good idea, as your plants will need nutrient-rich material to make it through the winter. Fertilizing now will also get you a step ahead come spring.

Protect Delicate Plants (Roswell Landscape Design)

Last, it’s important that you protect your plants from frost and snow. You can dig up any recently bloomed flower bulbs and take them inside so that they will have a chance to grow again. To protect your outdoor plants and shrubs you can wrap them in burlap, hide them under buckets or pots, and protect trees with shredded leaves.

If you still need some help making sure that you correctly prepare your lawn, plants, and shrubs for winter, Whitwell Landscaping is here to provide you with landscape services done by our expert designers and landscapers.

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