Integrate Your Love for the Outdoors into Your Backyard!

Many times, spending time in nature is not a daily habit for people who love the outdoors. With life obligations, getting into the outdoors is usually an activity for days people don't work. Integrating the things you love about the outdoors or your favorite outdoor activity can bring something you ...

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Get Ready to Entertain in Your Small Backyard

If you have a small back yard and love to entertain, there are some great ideas for you to work with what you've got. Many people who live in the city love to entertain, but they have smaller outdoor spaces to use. With the right landscaping, a small space can offer a cozier area for entertaining.

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How to Landscape a Garden for Theraputic Healing

Getting outside and around nature is good for people of all ages. Gardening has many health benefits for seniors, children, and individuals with disabilities or learning differences. One of the best ways to structure a therapeutic garden is to think of what feels good to the senses.

Get a Little ...

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How to Design a Low-Water Garden

A low-water garden is great for places that don't get enough precipitation or water-conscious communities. Low-water gardens don't have to look dull and lifeless, they can accentuate the natural landscape in the area you live.
Plants and Trees for Garden Landscape
Whether you use landscape service...

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Whitwell Landscaping: Secrets of the Tree Care Industry

The process of selecting a capable tree service in the Greater Atlanta Area might appear simple. Yet Whitwell Landscaping believes the quality of tree removal services today covers a broad spectrum indeed. Well-informed customers usually make the best hiring decisions. Do you know these important tr...

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How to Prepare Your Greenery for Winter

In the feverish rush to prepare for the incoming winter and holiday season, you might forget that your lawn also needs some love and care before that first snow fall. When spring returns next year, you will want to make sure that a nice, healthy lawn comes with it. You’ve worked hard to cultiv...

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